optometry consulting

We amplify your practice profits in as little as 120 days
using grit and technology

What worked last year, may not work this year. Those who change their optometric and optical operations daily will better the future for their home and work families.

Stop thinking vision care plans are the “end all.” Doom and gloom is a nasty mindset. Be proactive in creating your niche cash-pay areas.

Why hire a $5 optometry consultant?

No Secrets Here.
The 10 consultation topics Eye Rock It coaches on.

1. Crush Eyewear Sales

  • Increase frame and lens profit margins
  • Create a sales driven team who understands sales is getting patients what they need, and a byproduct is profit

2. Crush Patient Collections

  • Collect more revenue from patients during and after eye exams
  • Create digital systems for pre-authorizing and submitting insurance
  • Be known as the office that is a “harsh collector”

3. Lower (ALL) Costs of Goods + Services

  • Cut out the eyecare FAT; create more profitability to reinvest back into the practice.
  • Utilize atypical eyecare vendors not found at your typical conference.

4. Frame Inventory Assessment and Plan

  • Create a rigorous plan to develop high margin eyewear sales by stocking the right inventory (even in a managed care environment)
  • Buy your frames at the right price, build a bigger optical. The formula is simple
  • Carry exquisite optical goods not found down the street to be unique

5. Develop Optical Executors, Not Opticians

  • Many people can lead, but executing is different. It means being creative, developing ideas and programs, and actually implementing them
  • Train skills beyond technical opticianry

6. Create Radical + Happy Transparency Culture

  • The office needs principles/rules which are recipes for dealing with things that happen over and over again
  • Talk about failure and emotions

7. Office Procedures Perfection

  • Create daily, weekly, and monthly written documents of duties and tasks and reward those who succeed (in a digital format that reports back to the boss or manager to determine if tasks were complete)

8. Administrative Duties Delight

  • Let the business run itself, not the business run you 
  • Automate the office with software for easier payroll, bookkeeping, and time-consuming managerial tasks

9. High Tech Office Upgrade Beyond Equipment

  • Equip your office with high-tech office tools ranging from smartwatches to facial recognition security systems. 
  • Tech doesn’t have to be costly, it just needs to bring “wow” factors and efficiencies to your office
Advice From a Senior OD

10. Expert real-world advice from an OD in the trenches

  • Custom consultation from Raymond Brill, OD, MBA, FAAO, FOAA
  • You name a practice area of help needed, Dr. Brill creates an actionable plan for you
  • Clinical, management, and business advice

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“We’re not afraid to tell you your eyecare-baby is ugly”

About Perry Brill

He may just be another hotshot millennial, but he understands the eyecare market. Perry was born into the optometry field like many. It's a plague you can't escape. His positivity, optimism and kindness are contagious. However, when it comes to the eyecare business, he's aggressive and treats it like a pro sport.

“We’re not afraid to tell you your eyecare-baby is ugly”

“Your optical-baby just needs it’s diaper changed…listen to it crying”

Utilizing a 137-point check list, Perry combs offices from frames, to vendors, to practice management systems, to websites, to operational systems.

  • Eyecare businesses deserves attention to detail, down to the tiniest glasses screw.
  • Say goodbye to staff issues, inefficiencies, overpaying for lab bills, overpaying for frames, remakes, inventory problems, training dilemmas, frames not selling, accounts receivable list skyrocketing, employee misbehavior and whiners, insurance submission workflow nightmares,  marketing + branding problems and more.
  • Bricks-and-Mortar eyecare involves retail science.
  • You must set patient expectations you are the top medical eyecare provider and retailer of eyewear 

How long is an in-office consultation?

Up to 4 days of Perry BRILLiantly
in your office inspecting the un-inspectable like a sleuth, and a lifetime of weight lifted off your shoulders.

Day 1

Shadow, cause a ruckus in the office as fake patient, see how staff responds, take notes. The next day WE WILL take action together to make improvements

Day 2

Staff Meeting – Close Office First Half of day
  • Meet with whole office to discuss my findings via highly motivational / encouraging / comical PowerPoint presentation 
  • Lively discussion, encouragement, compliments, tell the ugly truth
  • Describe my whole experience through audio/video recordings

Day 3

Continue Staff Meetings + Implementation Plan

  • Present improvement plans to department groups to what they are going to achieve to make the office ready for the future and set deadlines

Day 4

  • Talk to staff about changes that will occur in the next 90 days
  • Maintaining a “yes” mentality” and leading a high quality of life. We live in America, life is good
  • If you oppose, you must propose

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