Perry Brill

Perry is proud to be a representative of the “illusive millennial mind” when it comes to eyecare and eyewear. 

He’s like all other millenials. He doesn’t want to sit in an office. He’s done his “optometry jail sentence” of working in 2 successful practices for 8 years total. 

Perry was that typical entrepreneurial kid growing up. He setup lemonade stands on the driveway and was proud he made $5 on a sunny afternoon while his parents were at work at Brill Eye Center in the summer. Later on, he graduated into painting addresses on curbs in surrounding neighborhoods. Nobody taught him how to spray paint numbers on concrete or build a marketing campaign, but he did it. While his friends we’re working minimum wage in 2006, he was making $15 an hour on good days in 100 degree Kansas heat. 

This work ethic has transferred into his eyecare career. 

Although Perry attended the University of Kansas and holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies, he was lost in college. Like many of us, we don’t know what we want to do so we throw a dart and pick. I picked I wanted to be a doctor,  but I didn’t. I picked I wanted to save the planet, but I just wanted to recycle and do my part. 

I HAVE DECIDED FINALLY. I want to help ALL eyecare care professionals make a killer living by doing what they love…make the world see well. 

Now I know what you are thinking…but Perry, you only have 8 years of experience, how could you possibly provide a worthwhile strategy for optometry practice growth?

I must give thanks where thanks are due. I’ve had the pleasure of working with my Dad, Dr. Raymond Brill, and mother Debbie Brill, at Brill Eye Center since 2013. While my $50,000 education at college was great, my $1,000,000 FREE education at a successful 38 year practice has proved kick butt.

During my reign as office manager in the past and currently, I have learned to create an automated beast of a private optometry practice. Every practice’s success can be based on the cooperation of staff and the owner(s) themselves. Together, with the help of my team, I’ve created a formula for practices of all sizes to penetrate their markets digitally with the right tools.

In a time where we feel so volatile as optometrists and professionals in the medical industry, times are so good. We can set our own destiny if we decide to adopt early and always execute on our goals.

I may just be another hotshot millennial, but I really do understand the eyecare market. I understand money is in medical care, it’s in eyewear, it’s in whatever you want to have passion for. The way to achieve profits is through keeping organized, marketing your business, and always believing the path forward starts now. 

I have not learned through trial-and-error, I have learned through taking risks. I have learned running an optometry practice involves creating systems. Practices that have well-oiled systems do well and those that don’t…well, they chug along too and create day jobs and not careers. 

My name is Perry Brill, I’m an eyecare advocate, consultant, lover of eyewear, and I love myself. Join me as I help transfer my enthusiasm for the eyecare industry to people just like you.


Perry Brill
CEO, Eye Rock It

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