Administrative Duties Delight


Credit card processing

  • Negotiate your rates and reduce expenses
  • Update your credit card terminal to a modern virtual terminal that can be on any computer or tablet
  • Take online payments for outstanding balances

Evaluate your professional liability insurance, malpractice insurance, disability insurance, and property insurance

  • Right price
  • Right coverage to protect you

Hiring made easy

  • Create ad copy that attracts the best candidates
  • Create a system to determine the best candidates from a pool
  • Create a system to make sure staff onboards staff and assimilates them into the culture

Insurance submissions made easy. 

Insurance payments made easy

Credentialing made easy

Standardize the way employee’s are graded for performance

  • Judge fairly how to give employees raises and how much
  • Regular performance reviews
    • Motivational
    • Productive
    • Positivity
    • Set expectations for increased responsibility
  • Stop a performance review from becoming a venting session by having periodic “check-in” meetings

Provide forms for writing staff up and doing performance improvement plans for bad behavior

Create systematic ways to avoid staff conflict and hit it head on when it occurs to prevent a toxic environment

Setup a system in your office to hold staff meetings regularly and make them productive and not a bitching/venting session

Fix bookkeeping messes with professional help
  • Create a REAL profit and loss statement you can rely on to make decisions in your business
  • Setup QuickBooks properly
  • Create system to pay bills on time
  • Link up with quality accountants who will save you money


  • If you have an IT issue, I can fix it. Stop play IT guru at the office, spend your time seeing patients
  • Make sure all your computers, email, server, etc. are HIPAA compliant

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