No Secrets Here.

Here’s the consultation checklist Perry follows.

Do it yourself or hire the eyecare addict and ease up your workload.

Every practice has a zillion practice savings, efficiency items, and employee things they need to monitor each year. Face it, we all become creatures of habit and accept a business is running smooth so why mess with it. It’s a pain to reevaluate vendor relationships, adjust office policies and establish new patterns. The easiest way to do this is follow a replicable model used by other successful practices with a customized component to meet your needs.


Perry will churn through the to-do list in 90-120 days and turn complacency and missed profits into success and successful protocols.

I am a $5 an hour employee for you all year.

Imagine you need a room painted and you are dreading it. I paint that room without you even thinking about it.

I am there to implement, not just strategize.  Need a new lab vendor with better prices and faster service? I will get it setup.  Need to cut your credit card fees? I do that too.

Checklist Items

  1. Spectacle lens lab vendors
  2. PAL portfolio
  3. Lens brands
  4. Frame brands
  5. Asian frames
  6. Petite frames
  7. Huge frames
  8. Private label frames
  9. Contending with online eyewear vendors
  10. Selling the default option
  11. Medicaid eyewear
  12. Specialty lens options for additional revenue
  13. Insurance frames
  14. Warranties
  15. Eyewear inventory accuracy
  16. Merchandising
  17. Cleanliness
  18. Sales presentation methods
  19. Paperwork
  20. Sales verbiage
  21. Speed of eyewear delivery
  22. Dispensing protocols
  23. Rx Redos
  24. Organization
  25. Teamwork
  26. Status updates on jobs
  27. Texting patients
  28. Recall
  29. 2nd pair sales
  30. Maximizing insurance
  31. Edging in office
  32. Dress attire
  33. Accessories to sell
  34. Returns of eyewear
  35. Promotions
  36. Email marketing
  37. Bonus programs for staff
  38. Leadership / execution
  39. Performance reviews
  40. Showing staff gratitude
  41. Radical transparency
  42. Personal frames for staff
  43. Checking in eyewear protocol
  44. Pricing frames
  45. Pricing lenses
  46. Answering objections
  47. Patient receivables
  48. Insurance receivables
  49. Bookkeeping
  50. Payroll
  51. Pre-auth insurance
  52. Verifying deductibles
  53. Confirming appts
  54. HIPAA compliance
  55. Staff meetings
  56. Credit card merchant processing
  57. Record keeping of invoices
  58. Website analysis
  59. Online reviews
  60. Hiring
  61. IT Services
  62. Office supplies
  63. Cleaning / janitorial
  64. Buying groups / alliances
  65. Trade shows
  66. Submission of insurance claims and payment input
  67. Cell phone use within practice
  68. Happy employees
  69. What is your staff saying on the phone you don’t know?
  70. Raising your fees
  71. Be a patient’s assistant frame buyer
  72. Password management of vendor websites
  73. Nutraceuticals and home care products
  74. Discounts
  75. Professional liability insurance, general liability, workers compensation, disability
  76. Bill payment
  77. Banking fees
  78. Equipment service agreements
  79. Timeclock
  80. Gamification of office
  81. Communication apps
  82. Interior design and remodel assessment
  83. Firing
  84. Training protocols
  85. Music source
  86. Stocking contact lenses
  87. Selling contacts online
  88. Financing patients
  89. Optical training
  90. List of vendors and reps info
  91. Staff lunches with pharma reps
  92. Faxing
  93. Email security
  94. VOIP phones
  95. Email signatures uniform
  96. Typing performance of staff + training
  97. Employee handbook
  98. Advertising strategy
  99. Collection agency
  100. Optomap sales
  101. LASIK co-management
  102. Dry eye protocol
  103. Scan of driver licenses + insurance cards
  104. Package pricing eyewear
  105. Kids glasses
  106. Organization of glasses cases
  107. Eyeglasses spray for sale
  108. Abusing patient time
  109. Romancing the sale
  110. Capturing outside Rx’s
  111. Asking for the sale, not be shy
  112. Send out monthly statements 1-click
  113. Online patient bill payment
  114. Task + project management app for staff
  115. Teach opticians to own their clientele
  116. Returns of open contact lenses
  117. Sit patients down in optical for control
  118. Discontinue underperforming frame lines
  119. Upgrade furniture
  120. Contact lens fitting fees
  121. Romancing the dispense of glasses
  122. Lower office supplies costs
  123. Lower medical supplies costs
  124. Lower medical insurance cost
  125. Handling staff conflict
  126. Employee perks
  127. Things competitor does well
  128. Reception area coziness
  129. Removal of POP and junk
  130. Repair in lieu of replace eyewear
  131. Back delegation
  132. Lighting in office
  133. Apologizing for prices
  134. Addressing bad reviews
  135. Tracking of optical packages
  136. Avoid overtime
  137. Preventing theft

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