Crush Eyewear Sales

50% of many optometry practice’s sales are coming from eyeglasses, why not crush your sales even more by being proactive in marketing yourself?

We are BLESSED to have products to sell in our medical offices. Other doctors would die to have extra revenue streams.

Sales is just getting patients what they need and deserve. Be graceful, connect emotionally, rock it, make big sales…over and over.

Perry covers these concepts in depth and your office will adopt these at a rock-it speed of 2,020 miles per second… dang, that’s fast.

Vision plans are NOT AN EXCUSE for not building a rockin’ optical

Face the facts, we must work with these plans to maximize profits. We’ve accepted these discount plans in return for a volume of patients. You must look at vision plans as a marketing expense. Take advantage of these plans by letting your patients know how wonderful the plans are. Make them feel good about their purchasing decisions.  Let your patients know you are their assistant buyer and know the tricks of the trade to get exactly what they want at the price and quality they can afford. 

Pretend your front door is a vacuum and it’s ready to suck people out of your office they moment they checkout at the front desk

The momentum from exam to eyewear gallery matters. Creating a seamless experience transferring enthusiasm from doctor to patient in a handoff is the rockin’ protocol you need. Executing this is not as simple as it sounds…but the effects of successful implementation are tremendous and in the 6 figures.

Perry preaches the opt-out model: assume everyone wants the best

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