Develop Optical Executors, Not Opticians

What is an optician? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is a person who reads prescriptions for visual correction, orders lenses, and dispenses eyeglasses and contact lenses.

However, doesn’t this definition seem a bit outdated? While the core fundamentals of an optician’s job remains the same, the true go-getter opticians have redefined what it means to dispense glasses. To really be a great optician, you must adopt not only technical skills, but business skills.

Optical is more than just a technical profession, it’s business and fashion. It’s easy to become ABO certified and maintain certification by attending courses. Today’s optometry and optical businesses need more than opticians, they need optical executors.

What is an optical executor? Executors are creative, develop ideas, programs, and actually implement them on time every time.

Opticians should be held responsible for optical performance.They can make actionable items to increase business by speaking to owner of practice to plan for marketing success and increased sales.
Every optician needs to enhance their knowledge, worth and value by always executing on new ideas.

Traditional optical roles of knowing fundamentals of optics, and ordering frames is not enough to sustain or build an optical that will be around in 2025.
Your optometry practice is a retail small business unit within your practice and should be treated like royalty…it’s where your profit centered.

What will Perry do to breed optical executors?


Meet with each optician to determine how they score the current optical’s performance and individual performance


Discover current marketing methods and then make new recommendations to create higher converting marketing programs without devaluing brands or discounting products


Develop clear-cut systems where staff are rewarded for good behavior and sales performance that’s trackable by boss and co-workers on mobile or desktop apps


Teach email marketing and text message marketing that’s hyper focused and customized for each patient’s buying preferences


Teach opticians to own their clientele, develop a block of business, follow up regularly and respond promptly

  • Get opticians to notify patients throughout the year to prompt additional sales of 2nd, 3rd and 4th pairs.


Setup a system for opticians to ask for 5-star Google reviews while not pestering patients


Develop quarterly marketing campaigns to give your optical team the guidance to increase the average number of eyeglasses sold per patient

  • This includes in-office and online campaigns


Teach opticians how to manage a task list and workflow for optical

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