Even experienced doctors can learn from an exchange of ideas

Hi, my name is Raymond Brill, OD, MBA, FAAO, FOAA. Whatever your optometric dream practice concept is, you will need to employ sound business practices to thrive and grow stronger over the years amidst ever-growing competitive forces. The marketplace is dynamic. You need to keep up to stay ahead of the optometric pack. Your family and employees depend on the success of your dream–and to make sure it does not turn into a nightmare. It is said that it’s often “lonely at the top.” Executives need to have counsel from other experienced executives “who have been there.”  I am here to help in whatever way you need me to. 

I began my career serving the U.S. Army for 4 years as the Division Optometrist on active duty at Fort Riley, Kansas. I learned a lot about leadership and clinical matters in a very short time. After serving, I was naive and opened my own practice Brill Eye Center in Mission, KS in 1983. I remember attending a practice growth conference 4 years after a cold startup, when I was grossing $400,000 at the time as a single doctor practice. After the meeting, audience members lined up to speak with me instead of the noted practice management speaker. There was nothing I did special, other than execute on the best ideas I learned from others. I charged what I was worth, sold premium products and services that solved problems, and tried my best to exceed expectations through hard work. Today, I still do the same thing and take advantage of the technology that’s available for dry eye, contacts, eyeglasses, and medical conditions. Like personal fitness, this is always easier said than done. Improving practice fitness has the same mantra. It all starts with a promise to improve and a plan to get to your goals. 

I always do what’s in the best interest of my patient–which must be in harmony with good business principles. What’s good for the practice, is good for the business. Provide care and speak to patients with passion. Transfer your enthusiasm to the patient’s needs and care plan. Success will follow assuredly.

How can Dr. Brill help me grow my practice?

Dr. Brill will develop a consulting program designed to meet your goals. Decide what areas of practice need a boost, clinical or business, and Dr. Brill will put you on the right trajectory to amplify your success.  

Start the process by filling out the brief survey below, and Dr. Brill will contact you to put together a quote and consulting program.

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