High Tech Office Upgrades...
Beyond Fancy Equipment

We love our optometry and optical toys. Our patients recognize when they get a high tech exam and appreciate it. However, we must up the technological experience throughout the whole office! 

That means, empowering staff with better communication tools in the office. It means updating our eyewear galleries with digital signage and not cheap ugly cardboard cutouts. Lastly, it means using every tool in the playbook found in other industries to make a business high tech. Adopting new office toys doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, it means you have to invest in toys that cost you a little now but will instantly pay off in profits, patient happiness, and more importantly staff happiness.

  • Communicate with staff using pre-set text messages
    • page opticians to exam room
    • page techs for help
    • ask front desk a billing question
    • the possibilities are endless and designed for your workflow
  • Stop trying to locate staff
  • Record voice messages and send
  • Track staff performance of tasks assigned
  • Prevent theft by utilizing smart facial recognition
    • It recognizes people that you previously mark as targets and alerts you by text or email when they enter your office
  • Be available to your best profitable clientele or someone handicapped
    • Get alerts for good people too when you mark them as targets! Make sure opticians or front desk is ready to assist and impress them.
  • Affordable high quality cameras for indoor and outdoor use

  • Let the displays attract patients to high-end brands, tell the brand story, and wow your patients
  • The displays are smart and recognize when a patient is interacting with the display
  • Change the displays at the click of a button for new video content
  • De-clutter your optical

  • Brand your eyewear around the practice using signage that’s uniform and consistant throughout the whole showroom
  • Stop using cheap cardboard POP vendors ship you
  • Change out pricing of frames and brand images with 1 click
  • Do you want to know right away how the visit went? Get written feedback and star ratings internally so you can measure and improve office experiences
  • Have a busy office? Warm cookies can create a calming effect and be just that one thing patients will remember about the experience.
  • Improve team performance by using gamification to turn KPIs into fun contests that encourage everyone.
  • When staff wins a game, they are rewarded as a group or individuals
  • Give financial rewards that work
  • Create repeat performance behavior
  • Some staff needed payroll faster than every 2 weeks. Advance 50% of their earnings without it costing you a dime.

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