Lower Costs of Goods + Services

Cut out the eyecare FAT; create more profitability to
reinvest back into the practice.

Business relationships are cute, but sometimes not forever.

The GREAT pricing you received on XYZ service 5 years ago may be a rip-off today in the fast moving eyecare economy.


  • The more expensive a frame is does not always mean better
  • Establish a plan to create a budget for purchasing frame
  • Assess frame vendors to determine best prices are being achieved
  • Use of private label glasses branded to office
    • Superior quality, low prices, high markups 6x and beyond
    • You design the glasses yourself and pick the names, and we guide you through it.


  • The more expensive a lens is does not always mean better optics and functionality
  • Assess your laboratory relationships to determine if they have your best interest. Are they your competitors or friends?
  • Are you buying big brand named lenses or utilizing private label technology with the same performance?
  • Does branded lenses influence your patients or is it your superior service and great refractions?
  • Establish new lab relationships if needed or negotiate current prices

Office Supplies

  • Printing
  • Consumables
  • Repetitive purchases
  • Find the correct sourcing for these purchases
  • Cleaning supplies
  • And more

Medical Supplies

  • Dilation drops
  • Numbing drops
  • Medical consumables
  • Dry eye goods
  • And more

Administrative Pricing

  • Payroll
  • Phones
  • Professional Insurance
    • Determine you have the right coverage to protect you from the unknown
    • Lower your price while maintaining or upgrading your coverage
  • IT Services
  • Software used to run business (excluding EHR / PM systems)
  • Medical insurance for staff
  • And more

Contact Lenses

  • Discuss revenue box inventory strategy
  • Educate on growth rebates¬†
  • Determine if current distributor offering the best pricing
  • Assess specialty contact lens vendor relationships
  • How are returns being handled?

Fogblocker Anti-Fog Wipes