­­Office Procedures Perfection

Imagine if an app was your “office babysitter” to make sure work gets done, and tasks get completed? It exists, and we can program it for your needs.

Keep track. Get Stuff Done.

All office departments and staff have specific duties they are supposed to complete daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly.

  • How do you and your staff keep track of this and know things actually get done?

Perry will create written documents of duties and tasks in a digital format that reports back to the boss or manager to determine if tasks were completed. 

Mental notes and not actually completing things as planned is not acceptable. There should be staff accountability in office and dedication to always striving for a successful workplace.

The 2 Greatest Tools Ever Invented

The most experienced airplane pilots use one and your office should too. Nosediving into deep-water isn’t cute.

A checklist is only valuable if owners and managers have access to each staff members list to see what has been completed and what hasn’t. It allows you to have a birds eye view of how the practice or optical is performing.

There’s always work that can be done, but it only gets done when it’s in writing.

You get more stuff done, and others stay productive and happy.  

Some staff see delegation as a chore; like something is being stacked on their plate and they are being forced to do it. Others see delegation as a privilege because it means their boss trusts them to go beyond their normal regimen.  It shows they can be reliable whenever something is asked of them. 

To properly implement delegation within your office, you must first get everybody on board. You must meet and teach the staff that delegation is how businesses succeed. Delegation allows patients to receive superior customer because things get done on time.

Delegation allows staff members to show initiative and figure out how to complete a task by themselves with limited guidance. 

Checklist + Delegation + Progress Monitoring System = The Staff Accountability System

The worse thing ever invented is unorganized office chaos combined with back delegation of tasks; that feeling of drinking from a fire hose.  (Prevent This)

Staff always want to know how they are performing in their job.

Asking 3x for something to get done is never fun. You know the feeling.

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