Wish you had an eyecare consultant on demand?

Now you can with Perry-On-Demand.

Ever wake up from an office nightmare at 5am and need immediate support? I’m available! Just let me eat my organic waffles and black coffee first.

While I do offer comprehensive on-site consulting for a larger fee, many people just need coaching or pointers. 

I’ve worked at my dad’s very successful practice, Brill Eye Center, for 8 years. No matter what, there’s always going to be ‘fires’ to put out. It’s just the price you pay to run a successful business. Our drive to increase the bottom-line and help our patients will continue to set the fire alarm off; just like that roast I left in the oven for too long. But instead of calling the fire department, call me! Looking for ways to improve always comes with risks. Lower your risks by consulting with someone who has a young perspective and all the connections you need.

I’m here to bluntly tell you, THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT from my humble experiences.

I understand you may not need a year-long contract with me.

Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, phones are still likely to malfunction. No matter how many times you reset it, you just end up needing support. Same goes with your optical or practice. You think you’re doing all the right things, but something just isn’t adding up. That’s why Perry-On-Demand is offering you a low-cost monthly subscription to help coach you with any of your problems, questions or concerns. 

We’re not IT experts, but I am an expert in eyecare. Whether it’s a quick and easy fix, or something that takes a little more TLC, I can help. We know you don’t sleep in a playpen with a pacifier in your mouth. I won’t be here to babysit you (that’s what my full-service program is for), but I will make my professional recommendations and it’s up to you to implement them.


( Monthly Subscription )

Rock-It Lite


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*cancel anytime

With my monthly subscription, you are still getting support for any problem you have, but my support is limited due to the services I’m offering at low-cost. I will also treat you like a full-service client in terms of giving you my full effort, honesty and trustworthiness. I just want to give you my best advice. I will also help connect you with the right people and software tools that will help improve your efficiency and profitability. However, I’m not here to implement them for you. Basically, I’m giving you the best solid and sound advice out there, but it’s up to you to make the changes. The reason my advice is valuable? Well, I think my reputation speaks for itself. Let’s turn your practice/optical around with new-age ideas you didn’t previously know existed.